My Approach

The Who, The How and the Why

So here you have it

How I go about capturing a wedding day. To be honest, every day is different so my approach tends to vary depending on the couple, the weather, which of my many personalities is doing the talking that day… (according to my wife!)

My Style

There’s no one word

…to sum up my photography; I like to think it’s cumulative of my experience and the changing style of weddings. I don’t want to stand still – I like to keep learning and pushing myself, changing things up and looking at things from a different view.

If you’re looking for a bit of documentary, some stylish editorial, a teeny bit of traditional and finishing strong with dark and moody – you’re in the right place!

My Focus
It’s you. You and your story

It involves your friends and families, maybe even your dog too – but my job is to tell the story of your wedding day. It’s unscripted; I’m there to capture your day as it unfolds – I won’t stage moments because they look good for a photo; what will look good is your smile as you walk up the aisle and the raucous laughter at the Best Man’s tale-telling.

I tend to chat as I go – it helps to make everyone feel at ease. I’ll help when I’m needed, like another friend on the day; but I also know when to stand back and be unobtrusive. I know it’s important to capture Nana in her best hat; but the shot I get of her later when she doesn’t know I’m there and she’s laughing along to someone’s joke – that’s the one that interests me. It’s not good enough to just be there with a camera; anyone can do that – I get involved on a personal level to help create the depth and consistency of images that I’m known for.

My Work

I don’t do posed, but everyone needs a little push Sometimes!

I think of it as being there to guide you, giving you the confidence to relax and then forget that I’m there. This is your time – talk about your day, tell her she looks beautiful; be yourselves, have a laugh, enjoy it – I’m just hiding behind a tree snapping away while you do! Don’t worry; it’s my job to help you feel comfortable, and if you need me to I can tell you spectacularly bad jokes that will have you creased over laughing… at me!

I understand the importance of capturing your family at their best, but I also want you two to go and have fun with your friends. Group shots are important but I promise you I won’t be making sure that everyone’s hands are in exactly the right place and there are certainly no giant love heart shaped group shots in my repertoire – if you’re looking for endless combinations of group shots then I’m unlikely to be the right photographer for you. As long as everyone has a smile and is looking in the right direction, I’m happy – let’s get the pictures, keep it within fifteen minutes and get you back to your drinks! 

Yorkshir Award winning Wedding Photography by Joel Skingle-0083
My Couple
Think we’re a match?

I’d love to hear from you if this all means something to you both and see if we have that connection over a Zoom chat. Bring a brew (or a glass of wine!), get comfy, and tell me all about your exciting plans – I can’t wait!

The Q&A's


What sets you apart from other photographers?

I offer a relaxed and fun approach to your photography on the day - so many couples have found me through recommendations and there are often comments about how much everyone enjoyed having me around and how relaxed it all was. To me; that’s me doing my job well on the day - I'm one of the team, there for you through it all.

How many photographers will be there at our wedding?

The wedding package includes me as your photographer, although you can always add a second photographer for an additional cost if you would like.

Do you bring spare equipment?

Absolutely; I wouldn’t dream of travelling without a spare camera & lenses; this is what sets us apart as professionals. I use different lenses throughout the day to cover a range of angles to get the best shots & craft the story of your day. Having the right equipment means that I can get the variety of shots that you want with minimal disruption.

We’re having a destination wedding. Do you travel?

Yes! I absolutely love to travel; I’ve been lucky enough to shoot weddings in Ibiza, Barcelona, Sorrento, the Bahamas, Paphos, Austria, Rhodes and Tuscany! The packages stay the same, with a supplement for travel, accommodation & expenses.

How long before we can see the photos?

Your final, edited images will be with you within 8 weeks of your wedding; hosted in a private, password protected gallery for you to share with you fiends and family as you wish. We do offer an express turnaround addition as well if you can’t wait!

Do we get the rights to print our photos after our wedding?

Yes, upon receiving your images for download online you will also get personal printing rights

How do we secure our wedding date?

I ask for a 25% deposit and signed contract to confirm your date; with your final balance due one month before your wedding.

Want to check my availability or prices?

Get in touch via the contact form with a little info about your day