My Story

Caterhams, Camping and Calamari

Stockport born, Leeds raised, Yorkshire Dales grown

I think of myself as a friendly, down to Earth Yorkshireman now - A spade is definitely a spade with me
My wife Sophie and I live in Richmond, North Yorkshire with our three kids; Mia, Sebby and Harper – they keep us on our toes and keep us awake!
I’m a Caterham nut; it was my dream for years to own one & have Sebby out on the drive with me tinkering. These days he just sits behind the wheel of ‘Daddy’s Little Car’ watching Fireman Sam!
Weekday drives around the Dales and trips up to Scotland walking and camping are my favourite way to relax; I’ve even been known to pack my wedding gear in the front seat of the Caterham and rock up to (local!) weddings in it!

"encore encore" I hear you say?

I love a good whisky, a reaaally nice glass of chilled white wine or knocking up the odd cocktail from our Snug bar. I’m happiest when sitting by the sea with a couple of tapas and glass of sangria in Spain, pretending to the kids that calamari is chicken to get them to try it…
My outdoor kitchen is my newest love; a charcoal BBQ smoker and a pizza oven; I’d cook Christmas dinner out there if Sophie let me! 
Speaking of; Sophie is a huge part of JSP too – she joined me full time in 2019 having been a wedding planner since leaving Uni; so she “gets” it. She’s a fountain of advice to our couples, keeps everyone and everything organised, designs your albums and makes a mean cup of coffee!

Cue Insta family love...

My Photography
Who is behind the lens?
I started my working life in Graphic Design with Dunlop, Wella, & Hallmark; but secretly always wanted to break free of the 9-5 & develop the love of photography I discovered at Uni. My background has given me an eye for detail composition, colour & light. 
I shot my first wedding for in 2008 and then spent a year working as a designer all week and shooting weddings all weekend. I took my chance & went full time in 2009 and haven’t looked back. I’ve now shot more than 500+ weddings; across the UK & the world – Ibiza, the Bahamas, Barcelona, Paphos, Austria, Tuscany, Rhodes, Sorrento… I’ve not photographed in Iceland yet though, so if you’re heading there let me know!!
If you want to know more about how I work, head over to My Approach which will give you some more details there. Or if you want to look at more pictures of happy, crazy weddings then the Portfolio page is your next stop! If you’ve already decided that I might be your guy, then get in touch & tell me more about your plans!

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